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Jacob Chisler - Chisdaddy


"I started my career like most business owners and entrepreneurs, a dream. I had a dream to own my own business. My late grandfather, Ben Latham, who unfortunately passed away when I was eight years old, was a welder and metal fabricator. I would go to the welding shop he worked at as a kid and watch him perform his craft. It was neat to watch as a kid. Little did I know this would be the spark that lit the fire for my career. At the age of 14, I regripped my first set of clubs and the journey of being a club smith began.

Before starting Chisdaddy Golf, I worked as a golf club repair man at my home course, Keith Hills Golf Course, where I served the membership, Campbell University Mens/Womens golf team, Campbell PGA Golf Management program, and a few select  PGA and LPGA professionals; during which I performed refinishing work from time to time. I also spent time working as an Assistant Golf Professional at a few high end golf clubs on the East Coast as well as one season as a teaching Professional before graduating from Campbell University in December of 2021. The drive to launch my own brand started and I am happy where I am today having my own shop equipped to get a bunch of different jobs done. A lot of hardwork, determination, trial and error, and sacrifice went into my craft. I have enjoyed every second of it. Once a little teenager's hobby is now a business!


Being a business owner, you would think I would have all the time in the world to take for myself. While I may have more time to step away to spend time with my significant other and my family, I pride myself with spending the max amount of time in my workshop perfecting my craft as humanly possible. Despite the many errors I have made perfecting my craft over 10 years working on clubs, I am proud of the accomplishments I have made building wicked cool clubs that perform just as good.


When I am away from the workshop, I do enjoy a nice round of 18 holes with my buddies or clients I do work for. I also enjoy traveling with my dearly beloved, Heather who is an aspiring Pharmacist attending Pharmacy School at Campbell University. I am grateful for the support I have from her and the rest of my family. Without them, Chisdaddy Golf would have never been a thing."


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