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Scotty Cameron

Pro Platinum-Present Models

Our primary specialty is refinishing and customizing Scotty Camerons ranging from the Pro Platinum series all the way up to the newest Special Select models. Our in house finish options allows you to take your prized Scotty to a new level of coolness!


The Process

Each putter is carefully stripped of its old finish. We buff and polish as many imperfections out of the putter and then we apply a new finish. We detail all putters with special paints to ensure durability when being gamed. We also offer putter face milling at an extra cost to add another level of perfection to your putter!

Customize your Scotty!

We offer state of the art, durable putter finishes to give your Scotty a sweet custom look. From a simple satin finish for stainless steel to a blacked out putter, your prized putter will boost your confidence on the putting green. Take your putter even further with custom stamping, shaft and grip options!

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