What is the turn around time on a putter restoration?

This is all dependent on the putter, it's condition and the work needed to get the result you want. Allow us 4-6 weeks to turn your prized putter around for all in house finishes. For PVD finishes, please allow us 6-8 weeks turn time due to outsourcing.

What do you use for billing?

We generally use Intuit Quickbooks for billing but also accept Venmo and PayPal as a form of payment. Local clients can pay in cash if convenient when stopping in.

How durable are your finished?

Our finish and paint fill options are very durable and weather resistant. Our finishes are formulate to added protection to your putter without flaking or chipping.

What is the best way to make the finishes last long?

We use a weather, chemical and scratch resistent coating on most of our jobs that require custom work. That being said, regardless if you get a custom or factory style finish from us, over time with a lot of use, it can wear out. To get the longevity out of our finishes, we recommend using a magnetic headcover for your putter over a velcro headcover. We also recommend that you remove the head cover from your putter after every round as moisture can sometimes become trapped in the headcover affecting the integrity of the finish over a long period of time. Lastly, we recommend using a small application of gun oil or baby oil on our finishes every one or two months to add an extra layer of protection!

Shipping Info

Shipping is the most common question we get. When you are ready to ship us your putter for restoration please use our shop address located at the bottom of the website page. Any shipping provider will work to get your putter delivered to the work shop. When we return ship the project back to you, we use UPS on all of our domestic and international orders and include the tracking number. You can send us the assembled putter or the putter head. It does not matter to us as we will under go the work necessary to restore your prized club! Return shipping will be added to your bill at the end.