Tour Quality Putter Finishes

Sandhills Satin Silver

For modern stainless steel putters only

This is a beautiful satin silver finish to commemorate the Sandhills of North Carolina, home of the iconic Pinehurst No.2 golf course by the great Donald Ross. This finish is the perfect choice for a silver non-glare finish that is very Scotty Cameron authentic. This finish goes great with many other modern stainless steel putter models!

Linville Bronze

This is a beautiful chromatic bronze finish inspired by the iconic Linville caverns in the mountains of North Carolina. With its simplistic look, it goes with just about any paint fill color you can imagine

Airforce Aluminum

For stainless steel putters only

North Carolina, where we are based at, is home to two main military air bases, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and Pope Army Airfield on Fort Bragg. This beautiful brushed stainless steel finish is dedicated to the men and women in our Air Force flying our warbirds across the sky!

Rainbow Oil Can 

For carbon steel heads only!
Ex. Classic Cameron Newports, TeI3, Studio Design and Circa 62 models

On an off day at the work shop, cars are a hobby and past time. When working on your old car that is your baby, sometime you get your hands dirty and make a mess of motor oil that gets on the ground and soaks on the concrete in the driveway. The moment it rains and water mixes with the oil, it creates a rainbow effect which you do not see until the sun shines. This HOT finish is inspired from working on the shop race car project and happens to be the first finish produced in house. This takes a traditional oil can finish method and adds flare and color to create that semi rainbow effect in the metal.

Blue Devil

For carbon steel heads only!
Ex. Classic Cameron Newports, TeI3, Studio Design and Circa 62 models

Being based in North Carolina, you cannot go wrong with the Duke University Blue Devils, one of the best NCAA golf teams in the country! This was the inspiration behind this beautiful high polish dark blue finish. This is a perfect option for Scotty Cameron lovers looking for that original gun blue finish, but with a twist! With added sealers and oils, it takes the original gun blue and gives it a darker indigo tint, also prolonging rust.

Black Knight 

This finish was inspired by a hometown high school football team, North Davidson Senior High. Their mascot is a knight in black armor, well known as The Black Knights. This authentic style black finish will give your classic Scotty Cameron or carbon steel putter a sharp look!

Offered in two tones: high polish and satin!


Blackhawk is our deepest flat black finish we offer! Being based near the Sandhills of North Carolina, we are in close proximity to Fort Bragg. While in the work shop, we see military UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters fly over frequently. This finish pays homage to our service members flying these machines over the Sandhills! 

TX-9 Black 

At Chisdaddy Golf, we love cars, especially classic American muscle cars. This high gloss black finish was inspired by a classic car in the family, a 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda in a paint color called TX-9 Tuxedo Black; which was a special order color! This putter finish will allow a classic Cameron model to look original but have that added rust proof benefit! This finish also goes good on many other putter models!

Battleship Gray 

Being a North Carolina based shop, we are known for housing one of the classic U.S. Navy battleships, the USS North Carolina. This ship is a very well decorated battle ship that served in the Pacific theater during World War Two. The ship, which is on display in Wilmington is what inspired this finish option. This gorgeous satin gray is especially good for Pro Platinum series Cameron models if you want an extra layer of protection to the metal. 

UNC Blue Ice

Are you a UNC Tarheels fan? Look no further! This finish was inspired by one of our favorite college basketball teams. This bright blue metallic finish will surely make your putter stand out with a taste of North Carolina!

Ocean Isle Blue

The beach is the best getaway place on a weekend during the spring and summer to relax and soak up the fresh salty air. This putter finish inspired by one of the best beaches in our great state, Ocean Isle Beach, is a dark blue semi gloss finish, almost navy blue. This finish makes any putter stand out from the pack mixed with a bright color paint fill!

Prismatic Blue PVD

One of our most wild looking finishes we offer. This finish will bring any putter to a new level of flare and uniqueness!

Make your putter a one of a kind!

Add custom face milling to your putter! 


Custom Stamping 

Splatter Options +$15