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Bring your prized Scotty TeI3 putter back to life with a refinish by Chisdaddy Golf! We source the best black oxide shop local to us to refinish these timeless classics the authentic way!

Price includes:
Ding removal
New Gloss Black Finish
Paint fill

Scotty TeI3 Refinish

SKU: srf3
  • TeI3 models are carbon steel. Often times they are rusted and have pitting from rust. We cannot guaruntee 100% perfection in this case if they have serious rust damage. 

    Black Oxide will not work on TeI3 models that have Pro Platinum Nickel finishes from Scotty Cameron.

    Finishes will wear with use. Please care for your putter as needed to prevent rusting or corosion like rust on black oxide by applying oil with a soft cloth periodically.

    Must keep raw finishes dry to prevent rusting as well!

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