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Care and Maintenance

Caring for your custom putter is a lot like maintaining your car. There are times you need to clean or replace parts in order to have a reliable running car. When caring for your putter there are best practice methods for ensuring longevity on your newly restored putter:

Step 1: After every round, remove the cover from your putter when storing it. Headcovers often trap dirt and moisture that can scratch and weaken some putter finishes we do.

Step 2: Some of our putter finishes can rust without proper oiling practices. For example, our Blue Devil and Oil Can finishes are done on raw carbon steel which unlike stainless steel, rusts after long exposure to moisture and a lack of oil. We recommend you keep these putters dry after every round and apply a layer of baby oil or gun oil using a microfiber cloth.

Step 3: We highly recommend you using a magnetic headcover on your custom putter as velcro can prematurely scratch a lot of putter finishes. We have magnetic leather headcovers for sale in our store!

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