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Premium Putter Finishes for Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi Putters


Sandhills Satin

Sandhills Satin is the perfect choice if you're looking for a minimalistic finish to make the paint fill do the talking.   This finish pays homage to the sandhills of North Carolina, home of Pinehurst Resort which has hosted the U.S. Open. This simple glass bead blasted finish is a great option for stainless steel putters that came this way stock for a factory look or if your don't like darker finishes.

Gloss Blue Devil for Carbon Steel

When I created this finish, I obviously had to pay homage to Duke University Blue Devils. This finish came from having a Circa 62 No.1 in raw gun blue. What I wanted was a brighter and more in your face raw blue finish than factory. Instead of using blueing chemicals, I went with an oil can method giving this finish a bright indigo blue appearance.


Gloss Tye Dye for Carbon Steel

This finish is a classic option for those older carbon steel models that came stock with an oil can finish. This finish is ideally tailored to The Art of Putting models by Scotty Cameron, but can work on any carbon steel Scotty Cameron models.

Gloss TX-9 Black for Carbon Steel

This finish was one of the first black options we brought into the arsenal when the shop picked up steam in 2021. This classic gloss black oxide is an ideal option for putters made of carbon steel. Most notably: Scotty TeI3, Classic early 90s Scotties, Pro Platinum models, Studio Design/Circa 62 models. This is also compatible with all carbon steel Bettinardi putters.


Matte Black Knight

Our best selling black putter finish! This option works for nearly ANY Scotty or Betti putter model. This finish is a deep matte black heat treated ceramic coating we do in house and has a hard durable surface.

Carolina Beach Satin Nickel

Meet our best recreation of Scotty's original pro platinum finish for carbon steel! We work with our partners to create this beautiful satin nickel plated finish. You will have a rust resistant finish with this option on your classic Scotty Cameron pre 2004.

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