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Scotty Cameron


The Scotty Cameron TeI3 models were one of the most iconic putters to be made. It became very popular when Tiger Woods won his first major championship, the 97 Masters, wielding a Newport 2 TeI3 Sole Stamp. This putter is milled out of soft carbon steel with a very soft terylium insert. The putter is finished in a high gloss black oxide finish. The first generation had a flush terylium insert to the head with 32 dots on the back filled with elastomer while the second version from 98-01 had a white elastomer ring with the 32 dots in back. We are able to bring these putters back to life thanks to our partners and in house resources! We are growing into a go to destination for TeI3 refinishing work!


The Process

Each putter is carefully stripped of its old finish. We buff and polish as many imperfections out of the putter and then we apply a new finish. We replace all of the elastomer and add paint fill to the putter to bring these prized putters back to a like new state!

Customize it!

Whether you want your prized TeI3 back to its original glory or fully customized with colors, we got you covered! Choose from any selected finishes when you place your order today! We have oil can and rust resistant poly resin coatings available for these sweet flatsticks!

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