Frequently Asked Questions


We charge a $25 shipping and handling fee on all restoration orders which gets you insurance coverage on your returning package. Our prime shipping carrier for fully build putters is UPS and USPS for only heads.


We issue all of our invoices through PayPal. We do accept Venmo when it is the most convenient option for the customer.

Do you carry Scotty Cameron Grips?

We do NOT carry Scotty Cameron grips. If you would like a Scotty Cameron grip on your Scotty Cameron putter, you will need to include it in your shipment to us. A regrip fee will be charged to your invoice upon order.

How durable are your finishes?

Our finishes are very durable. However, like any putter finish, it will fade and wear over a period of time with regular use. There are best practices to prolonging the life of your newly customized putter; best example being not using a velcro head cover. Also, don't slam your putter!